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The American Crusade


Most people think in terms of the “Crusades” as having been conducted in the Holy Land of Jerusalem from the eleventh through the thirteenth centuries.  However, the Crusades actually continued throughout the sixteenth century.  In 1565 a Crusade, led by Pedro Menendez de Aviles who was a Knight of the Order of Santiago, occurred on what is now known as American Soil.  Read the full Article


Please note that the article on “The Spiritual Seeds of America” is necessary background reading to understand this section.



America’s Economic Crisis –Spiritual Roots


Two of the most cataclysmic events of the twenty-first century thus far have been the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America and the American financial crisis that began in 2008.  Even though they appear unrelated, both events are spiritually intertwined and are part of a much larger picture.  America’s corporate sins of covetousness, greed, idolatry and pride are maturing – becoming filled to the brim – and God is bringing His judgment as a result.  While some judgments have been set aside, such as the Tecumseh curse, other judgments have not.  Our forefathers, especially two notable Founding Fathers, set the stage for exactly how, and in the case of the terrorist attacks, even when these judgments would be executed.  At the very heart of this are America’s “experts in the law”: our lawmakers.  Rather than submitting to the law written on all of our hearts, they transgressed the Law of God and changed His ordinances by passing man-made laws based on human traditions.  These laws not only nullified the Word of God, but also led people into sin. 


The last section of this article, The Enemy Will Enter Into the Gates of America Again, explains that America’s sins are rapidly filling to the brim, which will spiritually allow a possible devastating ground attack on America to occur.  Six months after this article was updated, the ground attacks began.  The below article, Weapons of War, is an account of recent events that substantiate this fact.  Read the full Article



America’s Sin of Genocide


When the Spanish conquistadors set sail in 1565 for what is now known as America, they were aware that upon their arrival there were two “nationalities” they would have to overpower in order to establish and secure Spain’s foothold in Florida:  the Native American Indians and the French Huguenots.  Yet, Spain’s approach to overpowering one nationality differed greatly with their approach to overpowering the other.   The intent of the Spanish monarchy was only to subdue the Native American Indians, never to exterminate them.  On the other hand, it was their intent to completely eliminate the French Huguenots who had established a French colony on American soil that the Spanish claimed as their own.  Read the full Article



America's Secular Founding Fathers & Secular Religion


In the previous article, it was established that the French Huguenots are our “Spiritual Founding Fathers”.  They were the first to bring the Gospel to what is now known as America and they came to find a place where Yahweh and Yahweh alone could be worshiped in spirit and truth.  In contrast, America also has “Secular Founding Fathers”.  Just who are America’s “Secular Founding Fathers” and what about the “Secular Religion” that is so prevalent in America today?  It will be substantiated in this section that one of the purposes of our “Secular Founding Fathers” was to establish the roots for a “legal foundation” for "secular religion".   America was to become a place where all religions were to be tolerated.  Read the full Article



Chief Justice Taney and the Supreme Court


Roger Brooke Taney of Maryland was Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1836 to 1864.  Although his court tried many cases over his twenty-eight year tenure, Chief Justice Taney will forever be remembered for a single case in 1857 for which he wrote the majority opinion: Dred Scott v. Sanford.  This divisive decision and the inflammatory words of his written opinion pushed America over the edge towards civil war.  It is significant that Chief Justice Taney was a Christian, specifically a Roman Catholic, the first ever to occupy that office.  Satan is using the same strategy today with the tidal wave of illegal Hispanic immigrants as with Taney over one hundred years ago pitting the federal government against the state governments.  Read the full Article



Church and State      


What is the proper relationship between the Church and the State?  Should there be a separation of the two or should there be a close alliance?  What should be the involvement of Christians as lawmakers or judges?  Is there a Biblical basis for our involvement or is this something that we should shun?  Can the State be manipulated by the Church or vise-versa?  These topics and more are discussed in this article on the interrelationships of Church and State and Christian’s involvement in the latter.  Read the full Article



The Curse over America: The Spanish Requerimiento


Illegal immigrants at the state and local levels are slowly but surely supplanting our laws and culture, draining local services and education budgets and contributing significantly to increases in crime rates and gang activities.  Many of these same illegal immigrants have boldly stated that they have come to take back America.  What these illegal immigrants have in common are that they are mostly from Spanish speaking countries and predominantly Roman Catholic.  Supplanting our laws and culture is only part of a much larger picture to supplant Americans in other areas.  What we are experiencing is a consequence of a curse spoken over American soil: The Spanish Requerimiento.  Read the full Article



Freemasons are Most Religious


Anyone familiar with Freemasonry understands that they cover all bases when it comes to religion.  Freemasons are not concerned with “what” religion or the “religious creed” of their members.  Their only requirement is that they are religious.  And those beliefs did not exclude pagan deities or their objects of worship.  In fact, the various degrees of Freemasonry involved rituals that centered around mythology and their objects of worship.  Read the full Article



Jamestown: America’s First English Colony


On May 14, 2007 America celebrated the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, America’s first English colony.  Genesis 15:13-16 reveals that the sins of a Nation reach its full measure at 400 years.  Therefore, given that the settlement of Jamestown would be 400 years old as of May 14, 2007, there was awareness that reaching its full measure could have an important effect on America spiritually as well as in the natural.  This article explores both the spiritual and natural implications of this important milestone in American history.  For those who are unfamiliar with the French Huguenots and the Spanish who supplanted them, the sections on the Spiritual Seeds of America and the American Crusade will provide the necessary background information to understand this article more fully.  Read the full Article



Liberty: America’s New Secular Religion and New Secular Law


One of the ruling principalities over America has a name that is familiar to all who live in the United States.  That name is “Liberty”.  The image of Liberty, also called “Freedom”, sits as a statue atop the U.S. Capitol building, which also serves as her temple.  She was the basis for America’s new secular religion, replacing Christianity as America’s official state religion and was the impetus behind America’s new secular law.  This was law based not upon Christian precepts or the Bible, but law based upon historical precedents introduced by men considered as lawmakers, but who, for the most part, were pagans.  Read the full Article



President Lincoln and the Sin of Presumption


Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be one of the greatest presidents of the United States and liberator of African American slaves during the American Civil War.  Yet his public and personal views on slavery were in stark contrast to much of history’s judgment of his accomplishments.  Lincoln, in public addresses and private letters, considered saving the Union to be the top priority of the war and even though he was personally against slavery, really didn’t care if abolition was part of the solution to save the Union.  He viewed freed African slaves to be inferior to the white race and favored colonization of slaves in Central America as opposed to integration into mainstream society. 


Lincoln’s mindset towards slavery and Africans in general was completely at odds with God’s will on this issue.  Lincoln experienced several recurring dreams and visions which further reinforced this disconnect, but were misinterpreted by Lincoln as meaning something else.  This, along with other spiritual openings, all led Lincoln to a sin of presumption – one of willful arrogance.  Read the full Article



The Spiritual Seeds of America


There is much discussion among the Christian community concerning the spiritual roots of America.  Assuming that we do have a Christian foundation (and we do), some attribute this to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. and documents produced by them around the time of the American Revolution; others cite earlier roots with William Penn of the Colony of Pennsylvania, and still others refer to the Pilgrims and the Puritans in the New England colonies. However, the real spiritual roots of America can be traced back to 1565 to a little-known group of French Huguenots led by a man named Jean Ribault and they were the first to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to what is now known as America.  Read the full Article



Spiritual Triangles


To most people, triangles are simply three-sided symbols or objects that are found in a variety of every day applications, such as mathematics, engineering or surveying.  However, to occultists and others familiar with the occult arts, triangles have a deeper, spiritual meaning.  To the occult, triangles represent a merging of the spiritual and earthly realms and are considered symbolic or “spiritual triangles”.  More specifically, spiritual triangles represent triune gods (or god of three) as well as identify geographical spiritual gateways (geographic areas of demonic activity and influence on earth) found on such things as maps or plats.  Even truncated triangles and truncated triangular shapes, such as a pyramid, have spiritual meaning to the occult.  Read the full Article



Symbolism of Washington, DC (the Anatomy of a Fish excerpt)


The Mall area of our nation's capital is the geographical region situated between the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers near the center of the District of Columbia.  This area includes the Capitol Building and grounds, the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and various other buildings and monuments.  The outline of the Mall area bears a striking resemblance to a fish and it is this symbolism of a "fish" that spiritually connects Washington, DC to several different ancient cities/nations and their national deities.  This article is excerpted from a broader article entitled "Symbolism of Washington, DC".  Read the full Article



Weapons of War


The above article, The Spiritual Roots of America’s Economic Crisis, under the last section of the article, titled, The Enemy Will Enter Into the Gates of America Again, explains that America’s sins are rapidly filling to the brim, which will spiritually allow a possible devastating ground attack on America to occur.  Six months after this article was updated, the ground attacks began.


Despite America’s official denials, we are in a holy war with Islam.  Some of the weapons of war that we have used, but are now being used against us, are ground attacks (Afghanistan and Iraq) and killing of both combatants and non-combatants.  One surprising weapon, our own Constitution, is also being used against us!  This article discusses those weapons of war using Army Major Nidal Hasan’s ground attack at Fort Hood and Tareq Salahi and his wife’s ground invasion of the White House (breach of security) to approach President Obama as examples and precursors of things to come.  Read the full Article