America’s First English Colony


On May 14, 2007 America celebrated the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, America’s first English colony.  Genesis 15:13-16 reveals that the sins of a Nation reach its full measure at 400 years.  Therefore, given that the settlement of Jamestown would be 400 years old as of May 14, 2007, there was awareness that reaching its full measure could have an important effect on America spiritually as well as in the natural. 


However, before we look at the spiritual aspects of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown and how that relates to America, I believe that it’s important to look at America as a whole up to the time that Jamestown was planted.  Fifty years prior to the Jamestown settlement both France and Spain had already established colonies in Florida in 1564 and 1565 respectively.  For those who are unfamiliar with the French Huguenots and the Spanish who supplanted them, the sections on the Spiritual Seeds of America and the American Crusade will provide the background to understand this section. 


America’s first successful colony was settled by the French Huguenots at Fort Caroline, Florida in 1564 followed by the Spanish colony at St. Augustine, Florida in 1565.  Somewhat later, in 1607, the English established their first colony at Jamestown, Virginia followed by numerous other English colonies.  These three nations, France,  Spain and England, each had a profound effect on the making of America, both in the natural and the spiritual realm.  The Spanish built on the foundations laid by the French Huguenots.  Likewise, the English colonies built on that same groundwork as opposed to establishing America’s foundations.


Following is an overview as to how each of these three nations viewed religion, government and slavery and its profound impact on America followed with more detailed comments. 


Timeline:              1564:         The French Huguenots established a French colony named Fort Caroline in present day Florida


1565:         Spain built a Spanish Mission at St. Augustine, Florida and took possession of Fort Caroline after murdering the French Huguenots


1607:         England’s first American colony was planted at Jamestown, Virginia


Religion:               The French Huguenots:  They were Protestants and were the first to come to America to escape religious persecution.  They were the first to give the Gospel to the Native American Indians and they were the first to bring the Bible to America.  Due to their convictions, they were also the first to die for their religious beliefs on what is now America soil in America’s first “Holy War” instigated by the Spanish Conquistadors.  Even though they were a French colony, the French Monarchy gave them freedom to worship according to their convictions in the new world. 


The Spanish conquistadors:   They were Catholics who sailed to Florida under the command of King Phillip and the Pope to persecute the French Huguenots who were considered heretics by the Roman Catholic Church.  The Spanish conquistadors killed over four hundred French Huguenots placing a plaque above some of those they hung which read:  I do this, not as to Frenchmen, but as to Lutherans”.  At the same time they planted a Spanish Mission and it is here that that the seeds of Catholicism took root in America.  


English Settlers at Jamestown, Virginia:  The Jamestown settlers did not come to America to escape persecution nor to persecute anyone.  Their colony was strictly founded for secular reasons, to make money for their backers as well as King James I.  Nonetheless, King James required that they remain faithful to The Church of England and spread the Gospel.  Among the Jamestown settlers were Puritans who were Non-Separatists meaning that even though they objected to the politics and popery still remaining within the Anglican Church, unlike the Puritans at Plymouth Rock who had separated out from the Anglican Church, the Jamestown Puritans remained faithful to The Church of England believing that they could reform from within.


Government:        France:  Even though the Monarchy of France was Catholic they gave their approval to the French Huguenots to establish a French colony in Florida.  Once in Florida, the monarchy did not interfere in the way the Huguenots chose to govern their colony nor did they appoint their governor.  The French Huguenots:  Rene de Laudonniere was governor of the French colony.


Spain:  The King of Spain commissioned Menendez to come to Florida and uproot the French Huguenots and simultaneously establish a Spanish Mission.  As a reward for doing so, the King appointed him Governor of Florida for life.


England:  King James I granted a patent to Venture Capitalists to plant a secular colony at Jamestown who would abide by the laws of England.  In the beginning the Venture Capitalists appointed the leaders of Jamestown.  However, in 1624, due to the near failure of the colony, King James I revoked their charter, made Jamestown a royal colony and appointed the Governors at that point.


Slavery:                 The French Huguenots:  The first Africans that came to America with the French Huguenots came as “Free Men” and not as slaves establishing a spiritual basis of racial freedom and equality in the land.


The Spanish:  In 1565, the Spanish were the first to plant the seeds of slavery in America.  The King of Spain required Menendez to take 500 African slaves with him to establish the Spanish Mission at St. Augustine.


The English:  In 1619, 54 years after the Spanish introduced slavery to America, the Jamestown settlers purchased 20 slaves from Angola.


To understand the events that happened in 1565 one needs to understand that the relationship between the French Huguenots and the Roman Catholic Church, in the context of the times, was a spiritual battle that manifested in the natural.  The French Protestants who followed John Calvin’s teachings were known as Huguenots who had separated out from the Roman Catholic Church because of the politics and pagan customs that had become a part of Catholicism.  They wanted to worship the LORD in spirit and in truth according to Scripture and not according to the mixture taught by Catholicism.  The Catholic Church however considered the Huguenots as heretics and began to persecute them even to the point of death. 


Seeking religious freedom and to escape religious persecution, a group of French Huguenots along with a “mixed multitude” [1] came to America and established a French colony.   They were the first to seek religious freedom here in America, the first to give the Gospel to the native America Indian, the first to have a governor and the first to be persecuted and murdered for their religious beliefs.  


Even though France allowed the Huguenots to come to America to find religious freedom from the Roman Catholic Church, it was here in America that they were killed because of those very beliefs.  The Spanish Conquistadors, who hated the Huguenots, followed on the heels of the Huguenots in the name of the Pope and murdered them, not as Frenchmen but as heretics. 


In the 16th century, the Pope, just because he was Pope, claimed all of present day America as belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and gave such territory to Spain, a Catholic Nation with a Catholic King loyal to the Pope.  Upon learning that the French Huguenots had established a French colony on land they claimed and that their leader, Jean Ribault, was on his way to reinforce Fort Caroline, Spanish conquistadors were commissioned to sail to Fort Caroline and displace the French Huguenots.  


And, it was with that mind-set, a hatred for all Protestants, that the Spaniards slaughtered the French Huguenots.   The first religious persecution in America resulted in the deaths of the Huguenots whose blood was shed on American soil in 1565.  The most significant of all that can be stated about the Huguenots is their role in establishing the Spiritual Roots of America.  America was founded upon the blood of the Lamb and by the word of the testimony of the French Huguenots who loved not their lives unto the death.


Revelation 12 [11]And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”


Even though Rene de Laudonniere was governor, he was second in command to  Jean Ribault.  However, due to circumstances, Ribault had been temporarily imprisoned in England and Laudonniere was to establish and govern Fort Caroline until Ribault arrived in 1565.  Upon Ribault’s simultaneous arrival with the Spanish, he was captured by the Spanish and executed along with approximately 400 other Huguenots.  Their deaths were very significant to America; they did not die in vain.  They died as martyrs. 


Revelation 6:9-11, Revelation 12:11, Revelation 20:4 and other Scriptures speak of the importance of the death of the martyr.  Among other things, the death of the martyr brings damage to the kingdom of darkness.  Just as praise and wielding the Word of God over the enemy weakens or pulls down principalities (Psalm 149:6-9), so too does the death of the martyr (Revelation 12:7-13). 


Ribault recited Psalm 132 [2] just moments before he was killed.  Psalm 132 reveals that King David swore an oath to the LORD that he would not rest until he found a habitation for God. 


Psalm 132 [1]Lord, remember David, and all his afflictions:  [2] How he sware unto the Lord, and vowed unto the mighty God of Jacob; [3] Surely I will not come into the tabernacle of my house, nor go up into my bed; [4] I will not give sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to mine eyelids, [5] Until I find out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob.”


Ribault, like King David, was seeking a place in the New World where the God of Israel could be worshipped in spirit and truth.  He willingly laid down his life because of his convictions.    


When Ribault recited Psalm 132 he spoke a “Creative Word” into the spiritual realm declaring God’s true purpose for him coming to America.  It was at that time that Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness understood that Jean Ribault and many other Huguenots were willing to lay down their lives for Jesus Christ.  They overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 


Not only did the Huguenots lay down their lives for the LORD, they also laid down the first seeds of a government as well as the seeds for racial freedom and equality in the land.  First, let’s look at the government at the time.  There are two aspects of government to be taken into consideration.  The first deals with the Huguenots relationship with the government of France at the time they came to America.  The second aspects deals with the government established at Fort Caroline once they established their colony.


Catherine of France ruled in the name of her young son, King Charles.  Even though she was Catholic, nonetheless she showed favor to the French Huguenots allowing them the right to worship apart from the Catholic Church.  However, despite everything, she was unable to stop the Catholics from persecuting them.


Gaspard de Coligny, leader of the French Huguenots ,also happened to be Admiral of France and for many years had great influence with Catherine.  It was through this relationship that Catherine gave the Huguenots her permission to establish a French colony in America and worship according to their convictions.  The French Monarchy also allowed the Huguenots to govern themselves without interference.  


Rene de Laudonniere, Governor of Fort Caroline, made his mark in history as the first governor of what is now America.  Laudonniere led the second expedition from France to Florida at which time Fort Caroline, named in honor of Catherine’s son King Charles, was founded.  In return, the Huguenots would secure new territories for France as well as new sources of commerce.  Additionally, any gold discovered by the Huguenots in the New World would belong to the Crown.


Racial Equality:  In addition, African roots in America began with the Huguenots; however not the roots of slavery.  Part of the Huguenot’s assembly included free black men thus establishing a spiritual basis of racial freedom and equality in the land.  The first Africans that came to America with the French Huguenots came as “free men and not slaves”. [3]  


The French were opposed to slavery; however the Spanish saw this as an infringement on their slave trade.  In addition to considering the French Huguenots heretics, the following account by Menendez, leader of the Spanish Conquistadors, reveals that they also were concerned that the Huguenots would free the Spanish slaves in existing Spanish colonies. 


“Menendez stressed his concerns for empire and pointed out that a French colony in Florida would seriously endanger Spanish commerce in the New World.  He also expressed the fear that the French would attempt to free the slaves in the Spanish colonies.  He observed that his judgment in these matters was confirmed by the statements of a French captive from Fort Caroline, who admitted that the Frenchmen had planned to take and hold the strategic strait of Los Martyres, and Menendez added that ‘from there they would take Havana, free all the negroes; that they would then send to make the same offer to the Spanish of Porto Rico and all other colonies.’” [4] (emphasis added)


Obviously, the Spanish Conquistadors planted seeds as well.  To begin with, the Spanish planted the seeds of slavery in America in 1565.  Fifty four years later the English settlers would build upon this foundation of slavery.  The settlers at Jamestown purchased 20 African slaves from what is now Angola and thus slavery was born in Virginia.


According to his contract with the King of Spain, when Menendez sailed to Florida in 1565 to supplant the French Huguenots he was to take five hundred negro slaves with him. [5]   Furthermore, when the Spanish arrived in Florida, a French captain documented that he saw them land with their negroes. [6]  These African slaves helped build the Spanish Mission in present day Florida where the seeds of Roman Catholicism were laid down. 


The Catholic monarch of France allowed the French Huguenots to worship according to their convictions and govern as they please.  On the other hand, the Spanish Conquistadors were not free to govern or worship as they pleased.  As part of his reward for supplanting the Huguenots, the King of Spain appointed Menendez governor of Florida for life and he was expected to govern accordingly.  In addition, the Spanish were instructed to spread the gospel according to Catholicism and undo all Protestant teachings with the Native American Indians.  If the Native American Indians rebelled against the teachings of Catholicism, they were to be killed.    


We can see from the above, that the events of 1565 not only involved the relationship of France and Spain with their respective colonies here in America but also the relationship between France and Spain concerning the two colonies.  That relationship, which was a spiritual battle, developed into the first international war between two nations on what is now America soil.


On the other hand, the establishment of Jamestown involved the relationship solely between England and her American colony and their battles from within.  Nonetheless Jamestown was building on the foundation already established in 1564-1565 by the French and Spanish (discussed further later in this section).


Going back to the sins of a nation reaching their fullness and how that relates to Jamestown.


Queen Elizabeth II


On May 7, 2007, John and I attended the Arrival Ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, which took place on the South Lawn of the White House, and were first-hand witnesses to this event.  


The LORD says that “Them that honor Me – I will honor [7]  


To understand the spiritual meaning of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the White House and why the LORD honored her, it’s important to be aware of the spiritual significance of the events leading up to her arrival at the White House.  Those events began with her arrival on May 3rd, 2007 at Jamestown, Virginia.


Queen Elizabeth arrived in Jamestown, Virginia on Thursday, May 3, 2007 in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the British who established the first English colony in what became known as America.  The first English settlers actually arrived on May 14th and named the colony, Jamestown, in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s ancestor, King James I, who was King of England at the time the colony was established in 1607.


The profound spiritual aspect to Queen Elizabeth’s visit to America involved her public acknowledgment of England’s role in driving the Native American Indians from their land and the seeds of slavery that were planted at Jamestown.  England’s acknowledgment of their role had to come from either a King or Queen of England because, at the time, the English settlers were under the authority of the King of England, King James I, Queen Elizabeth’s forefather, who ultimately was accountable. 


Four Hundred Years


When speaking to the Scribes and Pharisees, Jesus addressed the sins of their fathers reaching their full measure.[8]  According to Scripture there is a time limit when the sins of a nation reaches its full measure.  Genesis 15:13-16 [9] reveals that the sins of a Nation reaches its full measure at 400 years.  Given that the settlement of Jamestown would be 400 years old as of May 14, 2007, reaching its full measure spiritually as well as in the natural, then it was important for Queen Elizabeth to acknowledge the sins of her ancestor, King James, in order that her household or nation not come under judgment for these particular sins.


So, we see that it was not just by happenstance that Queen Elizabeth II came to America at this particular time.  Whether or not Queen Elizabeth understood the spiritual importance of her actions is not clear.  However, what is certain is that the LORD directs the heart and actions of the royalty. [10] 


Proverbs 21 [1] “The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will.”


It was with the approval of King James I that the Virginia Company of London, a joint-stock company made up of private stockholders, was granted a royal patent and set out for the New World on a business venture.  They established Jamestown, the first British colony in what is now known as America – laying English claim to North America. 


In 1624, after an investigation, a royal commission determined that the conditions at the Jamestown colony were less than satisfactory and therefore, the crown revoked the Virginia Company of London’s charter declaring Jamestown a royal colony.  Instead of a passive role, the monarchy began to take an active role.  The monarchy assumed all authority and decision-making, which meant that all future governors would now be appointed by the King and not by the private investors.  Obviously, King, James I, whether in a passive or active role, was in the position to approve or disapprove the behavior of the English settlers as well as their leaders.  They were his subjects and under his rule at all times.


It was with his approval and under his rule that the first English settlers came to America; therefore, he and his descendants would bear the national sins of those English settlers who drove the Native American Indians off their land as well as enslaving them.  In addition, they bear the sin of enslaving Africans here in America, beginning at Jamestown. [11]   


2 Samuel 21 is a Scriptural account of a nation affected by the sins of their king.  Even after the death of King Saul, the nation of Israel experienced a three year famine because Saul did not uphold the covenant between Joshua, who represented the nation of Israel, with the Gibeonites.  Therefore the entire nation of Israel was affected by a famine because of their national leader, even though he was dead.  It was only after another king, King David, went to the Gibeonites and made atonement that the three year famine stopped and the land was healed. [12]   


We find this concept in the New Testament as well.  When speaking to the Scribes and Pharisees, Jesus addressed the sins of their fathers, who had killed the prophets, reaching their full measure. [13]  The sins of their fathers reached their full measure as a nation when they, as their offspring, crucified Jesus.


The LORD deals with sins of a nation as they reach their full measure each in its own proper time.  While the sins of our English forefathers have been acknowledged, as we shall see, on a personal, national and international level, the sins of the Spanish Conquistadors have yet to be acknowledged on the national and international level.  And the outworking or lack of an outworking depends on whether the sins have been acknowledged or not.


The Sins of the Pope and the Spanish Monarchy:  Because the sins of the Catholic Church and the Spanish Conquistadors have never been acknowledged by either the Pope or the King or Queen of Spain, there is an outworking that has already begun in America and continues to grow (discussed further in later section).


The Sins of America’s English Forefathers Acknowledged:  On May 3, 2007, upon arriving in Jamestown, Queen Elizabeth addressed the lawmakers concerning the English settler’s role in driving the Native American Indian from their lands and enslaving Africans.  The Washington Post quotes the Queen as follows:    


“As for Jamestown, she told lawmakers that it is appropriate for history to ‘reassess’ English settlers’ role in pushing Native Americans from their land and enslaving Africans.  But she stopped short of an apology, saying such debate should not overshadow the role the settlers played in establishing the nation’s democracy.    ‘Human progress rarely comes without costs,’ she said.  ‘And those early years in Jamestown, when three great civilizations came together for the first time – Western European, Native American and African – released a train of events which continues to have a profound social impact not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Europe.’  She said, ‘It is right that we continue to reassess the meaning of historical events in the changing context of the present.’” [14]


Exodus 20:5-6 speaks of both generational sins and generational blessings.  Despite the fact that generational sins are visited to the third and fourth generation, we find that the LORD will show mercy unto thousands of them that love Him and keep His commandments.  I believe that the LORD has shown mercy and kindness to the offspring of King James I.


The King James Bible


Even though King James erred in judgment by allowing his British subjects to drive the Native American Indians off their land and allowing the seeds of slavery to be planted at Jamestown, I want to point out that King James I also showed his love for the LORD when he commissioned the 1611 English translation of the Bible.  After almost 400 years, the “King James” translation is still being printed and is found in homes all over the world.


For those who would want to focus only on King James’ sins and faults, I want to remind them that King David, a man after God’s own heart, [15] also erred in judgment quite often.  In fact, the LORD did not allow David to build the Temple because he had shed too much innocent blood [16].  Nonetheless, the LORD maintained that David was a man after God’s own heart.  I don’t mean to minimize King James’ role at Jamestown; however, neither do I want to minimize his role in commissioning the King James translation of the Bible.


Scripture reveals that we are to love the LORD with all our heart, soul and mind.  Interestingly, someone can love the LORD with all their heart, yet not have yielded their mind to Him.  And, I believe King James I may very well fit into that category.  [for more on this, see the separate article “Testing, Trials and Temptations”]


King James, as Defender of the Faith, also desired to spread the Gospel in the New World.  The State Church of England, The Anglican (Episcopalian) Church, was the first Church established by the British on American soil and was planted by the settlers at Jamestown.  On the other hand, King James persecuted true Christians who rejected the politics and popery within The Church of England.     


Unfortunately, many of those who King James persecuted, they themselves persecuted other true Christians after establishing colonies in America.  Some insight as to how someone who loves the LORD with all their heart can miss the mark because of their mindset will be addressed in an article concerning the Pilgrims.  Unfortunately, a lot of what many Christians teach and practice is simply not Christianity.


The apostle Paul spent a great deal of time teaching the Churches what to do and what not to do, what was pagan and what was not, when to exclude a Christian from the congregation and when to not to exclude them.  It seems that this was an on-going teaching.  Likewise, in every generation including ours, we still need Pastors and teachers in the Church that teach their congregations what is holy and what is not.  However, what I see more and more is “making it up as they go”. 


However, that doesn’t negate that there are many Christians who are living up to what they have attained and desiring to attain more.  They are pressing on toward reaching perfection - meaning being made complete in Jesus Christ. [17]  To reach perfection is a process, and we each reach perfection as we work out our own salvation. [18]


Sadly, even though many are misled and don’t know that what they are doing is wrong, there are many false teachers in the Church that know all too well that what they are doing is in error.  Satan’s ministers masquerade as ministers of righteousness; we are only able to discern the wolves in sheep’s clothing by testing the spirit and revelation from the LORD.   


Interestingly, verse 36 of Acts 13 reveals to us that it was after David had served God’s purpose in his own generation that he died.[19]  Just as the LORD showed mercy to David’s household, I believe that the LORD has shown mercy and kindness to King James’ household – even going down to a thousand generations.  I don’t know what purpose the LORD had for King James I in his own generation; however, it would seem that the translation of the Bible into English so everyone would be able to read Scripture would certainly fit that belief.



The Biblical 777 & Queen Elizabeth’s Private Charter - British Airways Boeing 777


We know from Scripture that the number 7 indicates completion and the number 8 means a new beginning, while 77 either indicates personal revenge, as in the case of Lamech (Gen 4:24) or personal forgiveness (Matt 18:21-22).  Likewise, the number 777 is symbolic of someone who finds comfort or rest, as in the case of another Lamech, not the Lamech in Genesis 4:24.  This Lamech is the father of Noah as spoken of in Genesis 5:28-31. 


Noah’s father, Lamech, prophesied that Noah would be used by the LORD to bring rest and comfort to man in his work and toil.   Noah’s name means “rest”, “comfort” and “to settle down”.  In Genesis 5:29, we find that Lamech indicates that he too would find rest during his lifetime and in verse 31 we find that Lamech died when he was 777 years old. [20]  In the Bible, to die often meant to find rest and in that sense Lamech found rest as well when he was 777 years old – 777 symbolic of total completion – both in his life and his death. 


The LORD Lifted the Curse on the Ground – Genesis 8:20-22 confirms Lamech’s prophecy concerning his son Noah bringing comfort and rest to mankind.  Verse 21 reveals that the Lord would not curse the ground any longer for man’s sake. 


Genesis 8 [20]And Noah builded an altar unto the Lord; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. [21] And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smiteany more every thing living, as I have done. [22] While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (emphasis added)


The LORD Smelled a Sweet Savor of Rest: Noah’s offerings to the LORD were a sweet savor of rest to Him.  “Sweet” in verse 21, according to Hebrew 5207, Strong’s, is from Hebrew 5117 and means: properly restful, i.e. pleasant; abstract delight :- sweet (odor).  The primitive root is Hebrew 5117, Strong’s and means: to rest, i.e. settle down; and to give comfort. (emphasis added)


Genesis 6[8]But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” (emphasis added)


Grace is first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 6:8 and it was indeed grace that the LORD lifted the curse on the ground as well as Noah having found grace with the LORD.  However, it was only the curse on the ground that caused man to toil that was no longer in effect - the other curses that were the consequences of sin and as declared in the Garden of Eden were still in effect. 


According to an article in The Washington Post, Queen Elizabeth’s private chartered airplane was a Boeing 777 and the article reads:


“Next Tuesday, after a dinner with President Bush and the first lady at the British ambassador’s house, the queen will board her Boeing 777 for a red-eye flight.  Just don’t call it that.  ‘It’s not a scheduled’ – pronounced shed uled – ‘flight,’ one of the nameless spokesmen says, sounding as though only flights with (shudder) coach class can be called a name that reeks of the hoi polloi.  So, it’s not a red-eye because the queen has her own bed – queen-size? – aboard and will arrive home rested, refreshed and oblivious to the very existence of jet-lag?” [21] (emphasis added)


Even though this particular article was speaking in terms of a natural rest, because of the spiritual connection between the number 777 and rest, I knew that upon leaving America that Queen Elizabeth would arrive in England “spiritually” rested as well.


I asked the LORD what would happen in America that would allow Queen Elizabeth to find spiritual rest as well as rest in the natural realm.  The particular article concerning her Boeing 777 was in the May 3rd edition of The Washington Post, and it was the following day in the May 4th edition of The Washington Post that her acceptance of England’s role in America at Jamestown was reported.  It was then that I realized that Queen Elizabeth’s spiritual rest would come from her admission of England’s role in pushing Native Americans from their land and their role in slavery.  This also meant that the enemy would not have access to attack her immediate family, at least through this particular door.


The State of Virginia and the Sins of their Forefathers 


Given the “spiritual” significance of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, then obviously it was of the utmost importance that the State of Virginia where Jamestown is geographically located to acknowledge the sins of our forefathers at the state level.  Equally important, the sins of our forefathers had to be acknowledged at the Federal level as well concerning their role in pushing Native American Indians from their land and their role in slavery. 


In 2 Chronicles 7:14 [22] the LORD reveals that if His people will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways that He will forgive their sin and heal their land.  And in Leviticus 26:40-42 [23] the LORD reveals that if we confess our sins and the sins of our fathers that He will remember His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that He will remember the land.


For many years, across America, Christians have been seeking God’s face, praying and confessing their sins and the sins of our forefathers and their role concerning the inhumane treatment of the Native American Indian and Native Africans.  The LORD is faithful to His Word.  Because of their prayers, the LORD has arisen, and He has scattered His enemies as smoke is driven away – Psalm 68:2.  According to Ephesians 6 we know that our battle is in the spiritual realm; therefore, the enemy includes those in the “spiritual” realm as well as those in the “natural” realm.   


Profound Regret at the State Level


If the sins of our British founding fathers had not been confessed by the 400th year, then Satan would have had legal access to attack those states that embraced slavery.  I want to mention two states in imminent risk had they not expressed their profound regret for their states role in slavery:  Virginia and Maryland. 


Virginia:         This is where the British seeds of slavery took root.   


Maryland:      If any momentum was needed to thrust America into a Civil War, then it was the opinion of the Supreme Court regarding the Dred Scott decision.   Those straddling the fence straddled it no longer.  It was a son of Maryland, Chief Justice Taney, who handed down the decision.  [see article on Chief Justice Taney]


Halleluiah!  Not only have the sins of our forefathers been confessed and acknowledged on a personal level, they have been acknowledged on the International, State and Federal level as well. 


Virginia:  In February of 2007,


“The Virginia General Assembly voiced ‘profound regret’ Saturday for slavery and the exploitation of Native Americans, four centuries after the state gave birth to both ills in America.  The House approved it on a 97-0 roll-call vote Saturday in Richmond, and the Senate followed suit with a voice vote later in the day.  The collective expression of remorse, said by Virginia legislators to be the first of its kind in the country, comes amid a season of soul-searching before May commemorations of the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in America, at Jamestown in 1607.  ‘Resolved by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, that the General Assembly hereby acknowledge with profound regret the involuntary servitude of Africans and the exploitation of Native Americans and call for reconciliation among all Virginians,’ states the resolution.  ‘The moral standards of liberty and equality have been transgressed during much of Virginia’s and America’s history,’ the resolution states.  It labels slavery ‘the most horrendous of all depredations of human rights and violations of our founding ideals in our nation’s history.’ In an extraordinary public confessional, the resolution concedes that ‘the most abject apology for past wrongs cannot right them; yet the spirit of true repentance on behalf of a government, and, through it, a people, can promote reconciliation and healing.’”  [24] (emphasis added)


Maryland:  In an article, “Dealing With Sins of the Forefathers”, in the Washington Post, we read the following: 


“The Taney tributes have drawn complaints before, but activists hope they might find success this year, given the anniversary and the new and seemingly national willingness to reevaluate the harms of slavery.  This year, Maryland joined a half-dozen states that passed resolutions expressing regret for the practice.” [25]


Acknowledgment of Wrongs at the Federal Level


On May 13, 2007, President Bush observed the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown by personally visiting America’s first British colony.  President Bush was the first President to acknowledge the sinister side of the Jamestown settlement, as reported in the Washington Post: “But Bush noted that its legacy had a dark side in the displacement of Native Americas and the enslavement of African Americans”.[26]


The LORD gave me Psalm 68 concerning Queen Elizabeth and the White House, which will be explained in more detail later in this paper; however, at this point I want to refer to the first three verses of Psalm 68 and how they relate to the State of Virginia and America.   The first three verses of Psalm 68 calls upon God to arise and scatter His enemies, which are also the enemies of His people.  In other words, the LORD has intervened on behalf of America as a whole as well as the State of Virginia and the other states that have and are following the lead of Virginia and scattered the enemy who would have gained legal access to attack in the natural realm had they not confessed their sins and the sins of their forefathers.   


The White House


Several days before going to the White House, the LORD gave me Psalm 68 and Numbers 10 regarding Queen Elizabeth’s Arrival Ceremony.  The first three verses of Psalm 68 speak of God’s presence with His people as they moved out from Sinai in army formation under their individual standards as related in Numbers 10.  Therefore, both Psalm 68 and Numbers 10 will help us to understand the spiritual significance of the pomp and ceremony surrounding the arrival of Queen Elizabeth at the White House.


On Earth as in Heaven:  The LORD can use those things in the natural realm to confirm what is taking place in the Spiritual Realm.  So it was with Queen Elizabeth and why she was received on the South Lawn of the White House five days after her remarks at Jamestown with pomp and ceremony, which included a red carpet, a 21 gun (canon) salute, a review of the troops including the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, Trumpeters, speeches made by both President Bush and Queen Elizabeth, and a White Tie Dinner later that evening.   


To begin with, the smoke from the 21 gun (canon) salute that dispersed was a manifestation in the natural realm that is symbolic of the smoke in Psalm 68:2 when the LORD arose and scattered His enemies as smoke being driven away. 


Psalm 68 [1]Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. [2] As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. [3] But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.” (emphasis added)


Notice the similarities of the ceremonial arrival of Queen Elizabeth at the White House with the formal procedures in the way the tribes of Israel formed when they were to march out. [27]


In Biblical times, the LORD established the procedure for the tribes of Israel to march out according to their tribes, bearing their own tribe standards, which is equivalent to a flag (Num 10:13-27).  As part of the ceremony, but before Queen Elizabeth arrived, the branches of America’s military marched onto the South Lawn in order according to their branch of the military and under their own banner.  Upon Queen Elizabeth’s arrival, she and President Bush stepped down onto the South Lawn itself and reviewed the troops. 


Numbers 10:2 -10 speaks of “Trumpets” and the various ways that the Israelites were to use the Trumpets.  One of the purposes of the trumpeters was to call together the assembly as well as the princes and heads of Israel.  Likewise, an assembly of 7,000 was called to gather on the South Lawn, which included officials and dignitaries as well as the President of the United States. 


Trumpets were to be sounded in the day of gladness.  Needless to say, the Queen’s visit to the White House was a festival occasion.  As part of the arrival ceremonies for the Queen, the United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own” Herald Trumpeters, performed at the top Balcony of the South Portico.   Additionally, the United States Army “Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps” performed for Queen Elizabeth as they marched across the South Lawn playing their fifes and drums.  These musicians are part of the 3rd United States Infantry or “The Old Guard” and they dress according to the Colonial dress worn by the soldiers who were the musicians of General George Washington’s Continental Army.  Numbers 10:35 is the verse that Psalm 68:2 is referring to when Moses said, “Rise up, LORD, and let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee.”


The similarities of the ceremonial arrival of Queen Elizabeth at the White House and the formal procedures used by the tribes of Israel when they formed to march out were not coincidental.  I believe that the LORD was indicating that His presence was with us on this particular day just as He was with the Israelites as they moved through the wilderness. 


Psalm 68 [1]Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. [2] As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. [3] But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.” (emphasis added)


Blessed be the LORD ~ He has risen up and the enemy has scattered!


Even though the spirit operating behind slavery was weakened at the end of the Civil War, it continued to operate through the invisible shackles of segregation and racism in America.  However, once the sins of slavery and injustices against African Americans were acknowledged, the Nicolaitan spirit was further weakened over America.  I believe that over time this weakening of the Nicolaitan spirit will become more and more apparent in America.  For more information on the Nicolaitan spirit, see the articles titled “The Spiritual Dimensions of the 2008 Presidential Campaign” and “We the People.”


On the other hand, the first spirit invoked over America in 1565, Santiago (meaning Moor slayer or supplanter), has not been weakened.  While the sins of the English settlers were acknowledged at all levels, the sins of Spain and the Spanish Conquistadors who invoked this spirit have never been officially acknowledged.  This leaves the door open for this spirit to continue to operate. 


When the Knights of Santiago (Conquistadors) supplanted the French Huguenots, they also replaced or supplanted the Huguenot government with a Spanish government.  At some point yet to come, this spirit will attempt to manifest through a political uprising in a way that most Americans will not understand.  The spirit, operating through individuals, will attempt to supplant one or more of America’s prominent political leaders and substitute in their place persons of either Spanish descent or influential among those of Spanish descent. 


At particular risk are American political leaders of African lineage.  When the Spanish Knights of Santiago supplanted the French Huguenots, they also supplanted the free Africans in that group and replaced them with their own enslaved Africans.  This is significant because of the centuries-old hatred the Spanish had for the Moors of Africa who invaded and occupied Spain in the Middle Ages.  The spirit of Santiago (supplanter/Moor slayer) will purposely want to supplant influential or prominent African American political leaders just as much as it wants to supplant those who are Protestant, replacing them with those of Spanish descent or influence.



The Spanish Requerimiento


America’s English Forefathers:  The LORD has scattered the enemy that would have attacked America through the sins of our English forefathers because America humbled herself and confessed the sins of their English forefathers.


America’s Spanish Forefathers:    On the other hand, because the sins of our Spanish forefathers have not been confessed, America is being inundated with illegal immigrants.  I believe that America is possibly facing a future Civil War that will involve the Spanish speaking illegal immigrants and the citizens of America.


The Spanish Requerimiento:  In the sixteenth century the Spanish Conquistadors read the below statement to the Native American Indians, which was actually a word curse that was spoken over America.  Understanding the spiritual meaning behind the Spanish Requerimiento will help us to discern that it is the same spirit operating behind the attitude and the actions of the illegal immigrants in America today.   The below excerpt was read by Pamfilo de Narvaez, a governor of Florida, and was spoken over the inhabitants of Florida and Louisiana in 1527:


The Proclamation (Requerimiento) of Pamfilo de Narvaez (excerpted):  “…All these nations [the world] God, our Lord, gave in charge to one person called St. PETER, … And he, commanded him to place his seat in Rome, as a point most suited whence to rule the world; so he likewise permitted him to have and place his seat on any part of the earth to judge and govern all people, Christians, Moors, Jews, Gentiles, and of whatever creed beside they might be.  Him they call Papa, which means admirable, greatest father and preserver, since his is father and governor of all men…. One of the popes who succeeded him to that seat of dignity of which I spake, as Lord of the world, made a gift of these islands and main of the ocean sea [America] to the said Emperor and Queen [king and queen of Spain], and their successors, or Lords in these kingdoms, with all that is in them…I entreat and require you to understand this well which I have told you, taking the time for it that is just you should, to comprehend and reflect, and that you recognize the church as mistress and superior of the universe, and the high pontiff, called Papa, in its name, the King and Queen our masters, in their place as Lords Superior and Sovereigns of these islands and the main, by virtue of said gift…If you do not do this, and of malice you are dilatory, I protest to your, that, with the help of our Lord, I will enter with force, making war upon you from all directions and in every manner that I may be able, when I will subject you to obedience to the church and the yoke of their Majesties and I will make the persons of yourselves, your wives, and your children to make slaves, sell and dispose of you, as their Majesties shall think fit; and I will take your goods, doing you all the evil and injury that I may be able; as to vassals who do not obey, but reject their master, resist and deny him; and I declare to you that the deaths and damages that arise therefrom will be your fault, and not that of his Majesty, nor mine, nor of these cavaliers who come with me.” [28] (emphasis added)


According to Scripture a curse can not land if it doesn’t find a place – and the place this curse has found to land is that America has not acknowledged the sins of our Spanish forefathers nor are they depending on the LORD. 


Proverbs 26 [2] “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.”


Like birds that fly around or migrate to other countries looking for a place to land, curses look for a place to land as well, even in a country not their own.  In the context of the Spanish Requerimiento, they were looking for a place in America for their curse to land.  The following examples can be understood in context of the spirit behind the Spanish Requerimiento: 


The Battle Cry Has Been Sounded – April 10, 2006


The following is a quote from the April 11, 2006 edition of the Washington Post:


“And as the last traces of the late-day sun disappeared behind the Washington Monument, something of a battle cry was sounded to a crowd frustrated by Congress’s failure to reshape immigration law to their liking.  ‘This is only the start!’  Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA of Maryland, shouted to them.   ‘We are just starting this movement.’ ….. ‘This is just the beginning,’….. ‘If we don’t have a fair response to this, we’ll continue, greater and greater.’” [29] (emphasis added)


Texas Town Makes Spanish Official, Stirs War of Words – August 1999


Genesis 15:12-16 reveals that the sins of a nation are ripe at 400 years while Acts 7:6 and Exodus 12:40 reveal 430 years.  In other words, 400 years is a prophetic number, meaning that the sins of a nation are ripe for an outworking to begin within that general time frame.  It was in 1999 after 434 years had passed since the Spanish Conquistadors murdered the French Huguenots I believe that the curse spoken by the Spanish was beginning to play out in El Cenizo, Texas.  In August of 1999,


“So with little discussion and no dissension, the City Commission voted this month to hold its monthly meetings and all official functions in Spanish.  The decision made this tiny town along the Rio Grande the first to declare an official language other than English.  It also put El Cenizo at the center of the debate over government’s role in helping – or forcing – immigrants to learn a language other than their own.”  … “To them, the new policy makes perfect sense, as does another designating El Cenizo a ‘safe haven’ for undocumented immigrants who make their way to the town.  That one sets precedent, too.  Although some other cities such as New York and Los Angeles forbid their employees from turning in undocumented workers to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, only El Cenizo threatens dismissal or recall for assisting the agency.” [30]



Judge Blocks City’s Ordinances Against Illegal Immigration – July 2007

Historic Victory - The Hispanics send a Warning


“A federal judge issued a permanent injunction yesterday against restrictive anti-illegal-immigration ordinances in Hazleton, Pa., a city described by its mayor as ‘the toughest place on illegal immigrants in America.’”  … “Civil liberties organizations sued on behalf of illegal and legal immigrant plaintiffs, including the Hazleton Hispanic Business Association, saying that the city infringed on the federal government’s sole authority to regulate immigration.  The groups hailed the ruling as a historic victory for the city’s Latino residents, as well as a warning to state and local governments that copied Hazleton’s ordinances and to opponents of illegal immigration, who Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said ‘dupe local officials into adopting bad public policy that won’t stand up in court.’” [31] (emphasis added)


The Spanish Gangs:


The Spanish Requerimiento speaks of the Spanish inflicting all the “harm and evil we can” on those who will not submit to them.  The Spanish gangs are inflicting violence upon Americans as we have never seen before.  These gang members portray no fear or value for human life.  “We will take your property” – people are moving from their communities because they feel threatened by the Spanish who have taken over their neighborhoods.  


And the list goes on.



© Gwen Thomas, May, 2007





June 3, 2008:  The symbolism of the smoke being scattered (i.e., the enemies of the Lord being scattered in Psalm 68:1-3 referenced above) during the celebration at the White House indicated that the way for an African American to reside in the White House had been cleared.  After the sins of slavery were acknowledged at all levels, international, national and state, the door for an African American to become President of the United States was opened.  Just over a year later, on June 3, 2008, Barack Obama, an African American, became the presumed Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America. 


Understanding the timing of Barack Obama’s nomination is important.  Therefore, I want to restate the following concerning “400 years”:


God’s Timing:  Long before Moses was born, the LORD had revealed to Abraham that his offspring would be in bondage for 400 hundred years (Gen 15:13-14 & Acts 7:6).  Moses’ first attempt at freeing the Israelites from bondage, which resulted in the killing of an Egyptian (Ex  2:11-15), would have fallen short of the set time.  However, at the appointed time, God sent Moses back (Acts 7:34) to deliver the Israelites and after 400 (Acts 7:6) or 430 years (Ex 12:40-41) of bondage Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. 


God’s timing for the Israelites to be set free from slavery was specifically linked to the point in time that He judged the Amorites as a nation.  God told Abraham that after 400 years of slavery his descendants would possess Canaan when the sins of the Amorites were full and complete (Gen 15:13-16).  The term Amorite and Canaanite are one and the same and it seems their sins as a nation were full and complete in the fourth generation, which corresponded to the 400 years the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites.  Given that it was after 400 years of slavery that the LORD intervened and judged Egypt for enslaving the Israelites, it is reasonable that the sins of other nations would be full and complete at 400 years as well.  As Jesus said, “Fill up, then, the measure of your father’s sins to the brim [so that nothing may be wanting to a full measure].” (Matt 23:32, Amplified Bible) 


We also know that Scripture reveals that if a nation repents of their sins, the Lord will forgive their sin and will heal their land (Leviticus 26:40-42 & 2 Chronicles 7:14-15).  Thankfully, after 400 years America acknowledged her sins of slavery.  Barack Obama’s presumed nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate is bringing healing to America.  If he is elected President that will bring even more healing; if as President he carries through on his campaign promise to bring American soldiers home from the war in Iraq that will bring even further healing to America.


Leviticus 26:38-42 reveals that because of the sins of their fathers the Lord sent them into the land of their enemies – and I believe one of the reasons why America is involved in the war in Iraq goes all the way back to the sins of slavery in America.  Could the sins of our forefathers in our own Civil War explain why America is so entangled in the civil war going on in Iraq – the land of the heathen and America’s enemy? 


In wars of aggression such as World War II, America generally prevails.  However, in wars where America tries to establish a democratic form of government in countries involved in civil war, we largely fail.  Vietnam was a good example of this.  After Saddam Hussein was toppled in Iraq, the country fell into civil war and it is still in that condition.  While the final outcome of the Iraqi war is yet to be determined, it has the unmistakable signs of a failure similar to Vietnam. 


These same verses in Leviticus 26:38-42 also offer hope.  When we humble ourselves and confess our sins – the Lord will remember the land.  The sins of slavery have been confessed, and it is interesting that if elected, Barack Obama, an African American, may be the one to bring Americans home from the war in Iraq. 


Time will tell and in due course, as the Lord allows events to unfold, we will gain more understanding as to what He has already revealed.  Even if Barack Obama does not win the election, Americans now know that it is a matter of time before an African American will reside in the White House!


June 5, 2008:  As the Nicolaitan spirit is weakened, we see the manifestation of this weakening in the natural realm.  The significance is already being realized by historians, albeit from a secular perspective:


“‘I think this will be in a class by itself,’ said John Hope Franklin, who at 93 is the dean of the American historians who think and write about race.  Obama’s campaign ‘is the most radical, far-reaching, significant [undertaking] by an any individual or group in our history,’ he said.  This strikes at the very heart of national ideology on race and the political patterns of this country’s history.’  Obama’s candidacy is ‘monumental,’ said Manning Marable, 58, professor of history at Columbia.  It can redeem American history from the specter of race that has plagued us for nearly 400 years.’  Race is the original sin of American democracy, said William Chafe, 65, professor of history at Duke, so ‘this will be historic in a thousand ways.’  It could be, added Alan Brinkley of Columbia, ‘a very important event in the effort to put race to bed as an issue.’  These scholars were all talking about the phenomenon – unexpected for all of them – of a black man becoming a leading candidate for president in 2008.  They agree that this is something big, even it if is too early to know just how big.  And several of them agreed that is also something complicated. … Many of these scholars commented on their students’ excitement about Obama. … The enthusiasm of the students suggested that ‘the country has turned a corner,’ said Harvard Stikoff, professor of history at the University of New Hampshire.” [32] (emphasis added)


Notice the reference to “sin” and the timing of 400 years”.


            Although Mr. Obama’s presumed nomination is bringing healing to America, we need to keep in mind that even after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, there were still many battles to be fought – and these battles were not won overnight.





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Verse 41 reads “and have brought them into the land of their enemies”.  I wonder if this particular verse in context with verses 38, 39 and 40 explains why America is literally in Iraq, the land of the heathen and America’s enemy?  Could the sins of our forefathers explain why America is so entangled in the war with Iraq?  


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